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Sheila Bond is the Founder of Living Well Mindfulness. Sheila’s mission is to ease the suffering caused by pain, stress and illness and really improve people’s quality of life.

Sheila runs Mindfulness Courses and Mindfulness Classes & Retreats and is passionate about sharing the benefits of mindfulness as widely as possible through the Living Well Mindfulness Blog.


Mind-Body Connection

The connection between the body and mind is complex and fascinating.

Pain always seems worse at night

There is something about the silence that amplifies the suffering.

Having a Mindful Christmas Season

1st December dawns. What are your thoughts?


How to Drive Mindfully so You Don't Speed


How to Drive Mindfully so You Don’t Speed

Hands up if you’ve taken a speed awareness course and then got caught for speeding again? 



Mindfulness for Cancer

3 ways that mindfulness has helped people with cancer