Do you suffer from stress?

StressDo you find it difficult to switch off?

Do you have trouble sleeping?

Is your mind so busy that you just don’t know where to start?

Do you have trouble focusing?

Does your ‘to do’ list finish the day longer than it started?

Is there never have any time left for you?

It is generally recognised that modern life is increasingly stressful for a lot of people. 

Stress can be due to work, family, relationships, moving house or bereavement, or just the pace and complexity of modern life.

I’m Sheila Bond and I help people to cope with stress and get more enjoyment out of life by teaching them the skills of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a special kind of awareness: it means being aware of what’s happening in your body and mind, and in the world around you, now, as it happens.

Increased awareness brings many benefits, and there is a wealth of research to tell us how mindfulness can help reduce stress. Mindfulness is fun to learn and with a little practice you will quickly start to see the benefits.

I run regular 8 week courses for small groups, during the day and evening, in the Newbury, Thatcham and Reading areas.

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You can also contact Sheila by phone 07990 584078 or email her.