Free Mindfulness Tools

Drop in classesMindfulness is a wonderful tool and Living Well Mindfulness would like to share the benefits of mindfulness as widely as possible.

We have produced 3 free mindfulness tools to get you started on your mindfulness journey, even if you don’t feel ready to undertake a full mindfulness course just yet.

We hope you enjoy them!

Three Stage Breathing Space Meditation

A marvellous short practice to use when you feel stressed or under pressure, and you just don’t have time to do a longer practice.  It is amazing how effective this short practice can be, it will take approximately 3 minutes.

Birds flying

The Treasure of Pleasure Meditation

When things are not going so well for you, this meditation will help you reconnect with the pleasant aspects of life, and can give you a much-needed ‘lift’.

Watching stars

Mindfulness in Daily Life – Watch the Sky

Pain and suffering can be likened to the weather, while your awareness can be seen as the sky.  Sometimes the weather is wild and wintry.  Other times it is calm, clear and sunny.  But no matter what happens to the weather, the sky always remains.