Mindfulness in Daily Life – Watch the Sky Meditation

Watching stars

One of the best ways of getting a sense of mindfulness is simply to watch the sky for a while.  Either go outside and watch the sky, or do it from a window.

You may be able to see the sky when you are lying on your bed.  If you can’t see the sky, then imagine what it would look like with clouds moving across it.

Choose a small section of the sky and be aware of the colours and patterns in that section.  It does not matter what the weather is like, whether the sky is grey, white, blue or a mixture.

If there are clouds, watch how they move.  Watch how quickly or slowly they move.  Watch any patterns in the clouds and any changes.

Do the colours stay the same, or do they change.  If the sky is all one colour, is it uniform, or are there lighter and darker areas?

Simply observe, without analysis or judgement.

Bring your attention back to yourself.  Is your pain or stress like the clouds you’ve been watching – sometimes here and sometimes not?

Pause for a while and soak up this expanded awareness.  There’s no rush to get back to daily life.  You can stay here as long as you want.