The Treasure of Pleasure Meditation

Birds flying

Stage 1

Get yourself into a comfortable, supported position – whether that be sitting, lying or any other position that will enable you to be as comfortable as possible throughout the practice.

Gently settle into your body, allowing your body to be drawn towards the floor, the bed or the chair by the natural force of gravity within which you are resting.

Gently allow your awareness to gather around the movement and sensations of the breath in the whole body.  Allow the whole body to be rocked and cradled by the breath as it expands on the in-breath and subsides on the out-breath.

Stage 2

And now begin to pay attention in particular to anything pleasant or enjoyable, keeping your focus grounded in the body and the senses.  What do you discover?  Maybe you notice that your hands are soft and that this is pleasant.  Maybe your belly is soft and this is pleasant.  Bring a gentle, kindly curiosity to your awareness as you learn to pay attention to subtle and quiet experiences as well as strong ones.

And what about sounds?  Maybe there’s a pleasant or enjoyable sound inside or outside the room.  Or maybe you’re in a very quiet place and that’s pleasant.  Let the sounds come towards you and include them in your present-moment experience.

Explore these pleasant and pleasurable experiences with a kindly curiosity, for as long as feels comfortable.

Stage 3

Spend time resting in a broad and open awareness, allowing anything that is pleasant to rise and fall – enjoying it, appreciating it, resting within it, while staying open to its fluid, changing nature.

Now broaden your awareness to include the weight of the body, the shape of the body, the breath in the body, sounds and smells.  Gradually begin to move the body a little bit and open the eyes.

See it you can take this awareness of the pleasant, even beautiful, with you as you gradually and gently re-engage with your daily activities.  Be careful to take time over the transition from meditation to activity – perhaps sitting quietly for a few more moments absorbing your experience.