Mindfulness for Stress

“Having done mindfulness before I was delighted that this course taught me so much more. Great knowledge and instruction. Best thing I’ve done for myself. I thoroughly enjoyed Sheila’s Mindfulness for Stress course. The techniques and meditations learnt during the classes will be invaluable in helping me deal with problems and stressful situations in my life.”
Janet J. 
“I have learnt so much on this course and gained a wealth of tools to help me deal with stressful situations. I am less reactive to things, I take a breath and reflect before I act. I recognise how important ‘sustainers’ are in our lives and make sure I find time to include them. Thank you!”
Michelle Young
“The course has given me a real insight into how I can improve my life and an excellent framework to achieve change.  Sheila has a lovely soft non-judgmental teaching style; it has been 8 weeks of challenge and pleasure.”
“This course is essential for everybody, there might be just one thing you take from it, but that thing will add meaning to your life.”
Jessica R.
“I don’t normally try courses like this.  But I am glad I did, and will try to keep it up”
Peter M.
“I benefitted from the build up week by week in awareness and feeling of affinity and sharing different experiences with others on the course. The feeling of support and encouragement was startling bearing in mind the diverse age range.”
Jo E.
“I thoroughly enjoyed Sheila’s 8 week mindfulness for stress course. I really feel I benefitted from it and will be able to share this through my work.” 
Jo Cooke.
“The course has helped us to cope with the illness and death of a son, one of the most stressful situations imaginable. It is amazing to see how far I have come in eight weeks in understanding mindful living and starting to put it into practice. The course gives a lot of material to help with this.”
John N.
“I have gained a real understanding and appreciation of mindfulness but crucially the role it could play in changing my life and it has!  I have gained increased self-awareness and confidence and a real ability to reflect and respond.  The group has been lovely and it made a real difference sharing our stories and lives”
“The Mindfulness course has been life-transforming for me. Sheila is a wonderful teacher, very thoughtful, kind and knowledgeable. She runs the course in a relaxed and informative atmosphere. If you are interested in self-development, this is the course for you.”
Kathy McQuillen
“This has given me a technique to help control my anxiety and lower my stress levels to enhance my life quality.Sheila is very kind and compassionate and explains techniques well. Great at leading the meditations. Look forward to follow-up courses.”
“I want to say a genuine heartfelt thank you to Sheila for making the course so personal and purposeful – it was so clear that she adapted her tasks and meditations for us and it made a real difference.  I’ve gained so much from this and am very grateful but am very aware that much of that is due to Sheila and the group.”
“The course has given me lots of practical, useable ways to reduce my stress levels at work and to help me sleep better.”
Lynette B
“Sheila provides a weekly haven of calm in today’s busy life.  The time was so well spent, despite initially feeling like a big commitment.  I have really enjoyed it.”
Jo S
“It seems to me you always go that extra mile to make it enjoyable with a lot of thought and preparation put into it all.….I know I have been working hard on a set of exercises to help me physically, but noticed a difference in my breathing since doing the mindfulness. Had to see the doctor and she wanted to take my blood pressure at the same time for renewal of prescription. Have always been terrible about having it taken and it usually rockets but this time it was perfect. Am sure it is due to the mindfulness, particularly as I know my heartrate has slowed so doing the course, in fact am handling a lot of things better than I did before. Am convinced it’s also helping me to handle things more calmly, just have to think ‘’stop and breathe’’ when I start feeling uptight.”
Jill H 

Mindfulness for Health

“I honestly don’t think there is anything to better this course.  Everything made complete sense with lots of ‘lightbulb’ moments and yet – there was no pressure on us, which made me feel very at ease and relaxed. I have learned to pace myself in daily activities.  Also how to be kind to myself.  To stop, look and listen in our daily life.  I have also learned that I can control my pain with less medication and more meditation. My awareness has increased drastically on how I can live with and alongside the symptoms of the illness.  The whole course has led me to question my overall lifestyle and subtle changes that can be made to better my quality of life. Much more useful than I thought possible.  Lots and ideas and practices to try and continue to use.  Helped me to recognise that I need to allow myself time, to rest and not feel guilty and to learn to ask for help.  Loved the thoughts element and breathing exercises.  Good to be reflective.  Good to look at giving myself permission to take time out. Excellent course, really enjoyed it and will continue to look at the book and use the CD in the future.”
“Sheila has been a really good leader. She listens very well. She is encouraging, understanding and able to put over the advantages of doing the course, which enabled me to really enjoy the work.”
“Sheila is an excellent mindfulness practitioner, very patient and giving in her approach. Mindfulness is a new way (to me) of how to approach my day-to-day life and gain more control of negativity and stress. I hope to continue to use the toolkit and all the skills/practices as I continue my journey.”
Charlotte A-S
“Mindfulness made me aware of how much I have, not what I have not, got! To make time for me more and that it is not that difficult to find the time, as even 3 minutes is beneficial!”
Sally Knight
“Thank you Sheila! An invaluable tool to help deal with the challenges for life and to appreciate the small things that give us so much pleasure.”
“Very good and carefully prepared and given with thoughtfulness and care to all of us.”
“Brilliant! Clear, caring, enthusiastic and just exuding mindfulness. Sheila delivered the course with great skill and sensitivity. Sheila was very professional while at the same time very compassionate and accepting.”
“By using meditation daily I feel far more relaxed and able to face each day. Not quite knowing what to expect from the course, I have been very impressed with Sheila’s presentation. Her soothing voice is very suited for this type of course. She is very skilled at putting people at ease. All in all it has been a huge benefit to my current and future wellbeing. Thank you Sheila.”
“The course has enabled me to find a diversion from worry. She has been really helpful and sensitive in the way she has opened my eyes to the opportunities we have to re-educate one’s mind to release the negative and think of blessings: sky, nature etc. Thank you Sheila, it has been really helpful the way you have shared the power of mindfulness.”
“I found the meditations helpful to relieve pressure from over-thinking life. I feel more positive, particularly after the group discussions. Sheila is a good communicator and enabled me to understand the key concepts.”

Mindfulness for Cancer

“I learned how to relax and take time out for myself without feeling guilty.  I have become far more chilled. Have spent 8 weeks of Joy. Thoroughly looked forward to each Thursday. I feel the course has helped me to be less stressed, to prioritise, to be more ‘in the moment’ and to be kinder to myself. I feel I have ended the course as a more patient, more sensitive person who is much kinder to herself as a result of mindfulness. Thank you.”
Don’t wait until you get cancer to re-evaluate your life!!  Take a mindfulness course and live your life at a different pace being kinder to yourself.”
Ann Woodhead
“The course has taught me how much we can help ourselves in our daily life and health.  How we can be a yacht powering through the turbulent waters of life as opposed to a dinghy being tossed around in times of difficulty.”
Jill C
“It has encouraged me to take time to appreciate what I am and what I have, not what I wish I could be. I was very sceptical to begin with but over the 8 weeks have come to realise how important meditation (however long or short) is on a daily basis!”
Jo R
“I would encourage you to do this course as it would be one of the best things you can do for your health.”
Mandy Barter, co-founder of My Cancer My Choices
“Just to say how very much I’ve appreciated this mindfulness course.  I feel it’s provided me with a real plan for coping with the future and what it may hold.  Thank you for making the sessions so enjoyable, I will try and keep my ‘toolbox’ always available. ”

Day Retreat

“This was a lovely day, well thought out and beautifully led. Really enjoyed the meditations.  Felt happy and relaxed. Time went very quickly.”
Elizabeth B
“An excellent introduction to the meditative aspects of Mindfulness. A very restful, relaxing and calming experience. Thank you and greatly appreciated.”
Kim Curson
“A Day Retreat is a great way to reconnect to mindfulness.”
Judy D
Having the opportunity to spend time practicing mindfulness over an extended period is a great way to improve my skills.”
Matt Stagg
“The Day Retreat was very helpful for reviewing some of the Mindful Practices and learning new ones.”
Kathy McQuillen
“Lovely to spend time with like-minded people doing mindfulness.”

Mindful Parenting

“Tips and techniques I can use at home and acceptance that I’m not perfect!”
“The idea of stopping and grounding yourself in the moment before carrying on.”
“Mindfulness information generally – very interesting.”
“An opportunity to reflect on giving myself space to think.”
“Reassurance that my behaviour is ‘normal’.”
“Tips and techniques I can use at home and acceptance that I’m not perfect!”